Our company 


KROS.way is a new name, which encapsulates decades of expertise in the realm of Life Science and laboratory equipment manufacturing.

Our journey is marked by a rich tapestry of experience that spans over 25 years, positioning us as stalwarts in the industry.

Specializing in laboratory equipment and environmental control, our proficiency extends across a spectrum of critical domains. From cutting-edge airflow technology - that ensures precision in controlled environments - to adept temperature and humidity control mechanisms, we are dedicated to crafting solutions that meet the exacting standards of the scientific community.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond mere technology; we understand the significance of maintaining pristine laboratory conditions. Thus, KROS.way is at the forefront of developing advanced washing and cleaning procedures, ensuring that your laboratory equipment not only meets stringent quality standards but also stands the test of time.


Our mission


Our mission is to support scientific community for a better and healthier society.

Good Science is a universal value that needs to be protected. 
We do so by offering reliable solutions at a fair value to scientific community.

We build reliable equipment. Every single equipment is engineered to meet defined needs and tested according to strict parameters.

We offer our competence and skill at fair cost because every scientific and technical improvement must be a gain for all and not an opportunity for few.