The air shower unit is a dedusting machine used to blow the surfaces of clothing worn or objects transported into a contamination controlled area.

The dedusting takes place by means of the action of air jets filtered through a high efficiency septum and blown at high speed (~25m/s ) inside the passage chamber by 20 nozzles of 35mm diameter arranged asymmetrically on the two sides of the chamber.

This action causes the detachment of the particle invested in several directions by the air flow which is finally transported downwards, filtered and recirculated.

The ADC showers also offers important installation advantages:

  • Low height, therefore less masonry work required
  • Doors with integral seal to isolate communicating areas
  • Operation at 230V as it does not require high voltage power lines
  • Management system with PLC
  • Available as 180° (ACDB) or 90° (ACDA) Left or Right turn.

The ADCB0001 air shower has a height of only 2400mm, minimizing the need for masonry work or modifications to existing premises.

The shower has access doors with seals on all four sides which guarantee the insulation of the rooms on both sides.
The structure of the shower is in stainless steel, the internal and external exposed panels in laminate and the doors in aluminum with polycarbonate window.

The air shower works on 230V current eliminating the need to bring high voltage power lines to rooms where they are/were not foreseen. In stand-by conditions, the air shower remains closed on both sides, both doors are enabled to open. Once the clean side door is open, access from the dirty side door is disabled and vice versa until a new cycle is completed.

Luminous pushbuttons indicate the cycle status and enable door opening and cycle start.

The shower is equipped with pre-filters and H13/14 HEPA filter normally available on the market.
A differential pressure switch detects when the filter needs replacement. The filters are accessible from the chamber and are easily inspected/replaceable. The HEPA filters are replaced by removing the inspection panel.
The fan draws air from the filters and blows it into the chamber. All the plenums of the shower are therefore traversed only by HEPA filtered air and are in negative pressure compared to the chamber and the environment.

An interior light comes on when the doors are opened or the air shower is in cycle.

The air shower is managed by a PLC and therefore each operating parameter can be adjusted and/or restored over time in the event of anomalies or changes in the intended use of the premises.